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Cambodian porsat oud

ر.ق 370
The luxurious Cambodian oud from the forests of Pursat, which is very difficult to obtain due to its lack of

Philippines Oud – BICOL

ر.ق 750
Oud gourmets and those looking for luxury This Oud will satisfy your tastes with a fragrant scent.   The stems

Royal Trad Oud

ر.ق 350
The best choice for lovers of fixed scents. The oud that we provide from the Trad forests is distinguished by

Syliani Oud

ر.ق 300
The natural oud extracted from the forests of Sri Lanka located in the direction of East Asia, and the source

Vietnamese Char

ر.ق 250
A luxurious Vietnamese oud carefully selected for those with high taste. Char oud is distinguished by its sharp sweetheart scent

Vietnamese Oud chips AAAA grade

ر.ق 220
It is distinguished by its luxurious, elegant and stable scent, which lasts for a long time and is considered a